National Secretariat

In 2009, under the guidance of Dr. Aquil Busrai (then National President) took the decision of creating a full- fledged Secretariat for a non- profit organization with appointment of First Full- Time Executive Director, National HRD Network. Before this, NHRDN Secretariat was being led by an Honorary Executive Director.

Dhananjay Singh
Director General, NHRDN

Nalin Srivastava
Assistant Director, NHRDN

Harendra Singh Negi
Assistant Director, NHRDN

Nisha CD Kurup
Manager - NHRDN Competency Framework; HRSCAPE

V Mayan
Sr. Coordinator, National Secretariat

Avinash Khurana
Manager - Information Technology

Ram Singh
Sr. Executive - Finance, National Secretariat

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The Association envisioned the shared vision of the GEN Framework: Governance, Engagement and Network. The GEN Framework acts as a strategy for the NHRDN to function in a planned, strategic manner, setting the goals, action agendas in place. In corporate dialect, the roles of the National President and the National Secretary were that of the CEO and COO respectively. NHRDN recognized the need for a central administrative arm with a distinctive character of its own supporting the National President and the Executive Board. The focus always remained on sharp execution that reflects in the tangible deliverables, aligning the efforts with the overall goals of the organization.

The team at the National Secretariat was considered important looking into the fact of change of National Presidency every two years. This structure strengthens overall governance at the apex level. The National Secretariat team was clutched with the purpose to build a team of dedicated NHRDN employees at the national level.

    The role envisaged for this new National Secretariat was :
  • To provide administrative support to the honorary office bearers at the apex level.
  • To sustain the symbiotic relation between the national body and the 30 Chapters.
  • To support and nurture the emerging Chapters.
  • Add new ones.
  • Engage with members at the national level.
  • Drive national programs furthering the spirit of the HRD movement.
  • Expand our overall membership manifold.
  • To explore mutually beneficial collaborations, and;
  • To be a vibrant body that lends continuity.

The National Secretary was entrusted the responsibility of forming and guiding the national secretariat, aligning it with the vision of NHRDN. NHRDN built a self sustaining structure through its various verticals each led by a person of the secretariat, under the supervision of the Executive Director, who erstwhile was in a standalone role.

    In the past years, in collaboration with chapters, National Secretariat has organized :
  • 200+ Learning Centre Programs engaging over 10000 participants.
  • 73 Webinars attended by over 32623 participants.
  • Created Social Media presence and increased engagement increased to 20000+ on LinkedIn, 7352 on Facebook page and 3000+ on Facebook groups and communities and 7842 on twitter.

Keeping the high growth in mind and adding to further salience of National Secretariat, NHRDN Board in 2012, took the decision of enhancing the structure of a full- fledged Secretariat by creating a position of Full Time Director General of the National HRD Network.

    Head of National Secretariat, National HRD Network :
  • 1999 - 2009 - Mr K Satyanarayana, Honorary Executive Director.
  • 2009 - 2011 - Mr Mohit Gandhi, Executive Director.
  • 2011 - 2012 - Mr Dhananjay Singh, Executive Director
  • 2012 - 2017 - Mr Kamal Singh, Director General
  • 2017 - Present - Mr Dhananjay Singh, Director General

National Secretariat conducts itself in accordance with NHRDN Handbook for Good Governance, bye-laws and with active engagement with NHRDN Board and Leadership Team.



The Case for a OE group in organizations & a OE body of Knowledge in HRD By R. Anand, Convener, OE Core Group, NHRDN; Amit Malik, Co-Convener; Dhananjay Singh, Executive Director, NHRDN;
The Case for a OE group in organizations & a OE body of Knowledge in HRD By R. Anand, Convener, OE Core Group, NHRDN; Amit Malik, Co-Convener; Dhananjay Singh, Executive Director, NHRDN;
The distance organizations need to travel from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ depends a lot on their ability to deliver sustained business performance that creates a win-win for all key stakeholders. A key enabler to this is a robust Performance Management system that motivates employees to take stretch goals and reward them for the meaningful contributions.
Planning for talent – quality and quantity – and then attracting them is one of the constant challenges HR professionals face in today’s War for Talent. Does your organization have a formal manpower planning process? What are the recruitment channels you use most frequently? What recruitment metrics are used by organizations?